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2023 honda accord type r

2023 honda accord type r

The 2023 Honda Accord sells for 30,000 baht less in the US than its predecessor.

Honda Accord
Honda Accord

The eleventh generation Honda Accord was first unveiled a few months ago.

 in the USA and now officially announced for sale. In the initial version it will be more expensive than before,

Just under 30,000 baht

By Honda Accord 2023 released in the United States There will be sub-models for customers to choose from, all six series together, if it is a car, starting with the LX code, it will have an open price of $ 28,390, or about 962,000 baht, only including shipping. That’s $775. More expensive than the previous car with the LX code.

And the major turning point that occurred with the latest Accord model this starter compared to the previous appearance will start with a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine , and it will be re-tuned. Whether in terms of injectors, exhaust treatment system, etc., it can produce 195 horsepower and a maximum torque of 260 Nm.

Which, even by looking max power numbers could be better, but that’s what Honda really intended. It is the desire for this engine to run smoother and softer than before even operating the CVT transmission itself.

In addition, in other selling options attached to the prototype, there will be a set of displays,

and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports connection to a mobile phone. 10.2-inch instrument cluster, a full LED ambient lighting system and a set of 17-inch alloy wheels.

2023 honda accord type r

For the higher-end version like the EX Code,

there is a possibility that it could be a model with similar specs to the entry-level Thailand. It will be available for sale in the US at a price of $30,705, or about 1,040,000 baht including shipping.

Which is why we mentioned that it has the opportunity to become a preview model of an entry-level car in Thailand. Because it has many options added so that it is similar to the current Accord EL which is still sold in our country at this time. Driver seat with 10-way power adjustment and integrated front seat heater, one-touch sunroof, split air conditioning system, 8-way speaker array

While all four other models are equipped with plug-in hybrid e:HEV capability , which combines a 2.0-liter petrol engine with an electric motor. It gives a combined maximum power of 207hp and a maximum torque of 335Nm, all of that and of course, it has been tuned to work with the new E-CVT transmission for a smooth and smooth handling too.

The lower-end Accord subcompact that uses hybrid power will start with the Sport model, which has a selling price of $32,990 (about 1,117,000 baht).

In addition to the strength that changed. It also comes with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear lever, and a set of 19-inch black alloy wheels with polished spokes.

and the largest infotainment screen the company has ever used in a car. Of course, it can be connected to a mobile phone via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well, but beyond that. It is a wireless connection

The Sport-L trim will have additional options from the Sport trim, namely the driver’s seat with position register system,

while the passenger seat has an electric adjustment system, as does the exterior trim. It will be added more distinctly by installing a set of distributors at the end. Willing to set the selling price at $34,970, or about 1,186,000 baht

2023 honda accord type r

Honda Accord
Honda Accord

The higher-end EX-L gets all the options as the EX, but adds features like front and rear parking sensors, leather seats,

and a set of 17-inch silver wheels.

Finally, the premium Touring model. And with Google’s operating system built into the display, the infotainment system is complete. This will allow passengers and drivers to activate assistance systems such as Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play.

There is also a system for recording and planning travel information. Unlimited free for 3 more years, 12 more Bose speakers , Wireless mobile phone charging system, 5G Wi-Fi hotspot system, Rear seat with front seat heating system In addition to having a heating system, there is also a cooling system . Which would cost this car $38,985 or about 1,322,000 baht

Of course, in the price segment of its different versions. It may not be directly compared to Honda Accords sold in Thailand. But given the increased price difference from its predecessor,  and the different options for each sub-model not the least to believe that when the new model of this car was unveiled in our country. It will be more expensive than before at the same price. And it has interesting features How much do these complete sets come with?

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