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GWM Tank 300

GWM Tank 300
GWM Tank 300

GWM Tank 300

While many Thais are still waiting anxiously in the meantime,

GWM also revealed a new Special Edition Tank 300.

 Cyber ​​Knight and Iron Cavalry 02 Special Edition

which everyone has seen now.

Starting with the first tank , the Tank 300 – Cyber ​​Knight , it is built based on the Tank 300 Cybertank Concept that the company revealed in its home country earlier in 2019. Does the car come with a decoration that emphasizes adding to the image in terms of aggressiveness and luxury according to the gangster car version

So in addition to the fact that the car will be plastered with black shades all over the car has also been equipped with new front and rear bumpers. This is much larger than before. In addition,

The front bumper also contains a group of LED lights connected by a Y-shaped line, and the front grille has been changed to have a strip of LED lights in the middle to connect them to the headlights on either side.


Not all wheel arches have a new design. To have more bulge along the body than before, change the new side step to be bigger according to the width of the wheel arch bulge,

And change the new set of wheels to be larger than before more sporty than ever, change the new hood there is a more convex part. (But didn’t you tell me what bloating is?),

Replace new roof rails. Ready to put rear spoiler which is almost 100% carbon , spare wheel assembly removed.

But it has been replaced by a rectangular box which is unlikely to be used for gangster-like weapons (the latter as a joke).

The interior section will have a change of leather upholstered with new materials to blue or orange, depending on the customer’s preference. There is also added aggressiveness by changing some of the plastic parts to carbon.

Of which Tank 300 – Cyber ​​Knight will only be produced 7,000 units (it may sound like a lot but it still counts as less compared to the population in China) and is already accepting reservations with a starting price of 330,000 yuan or about 1.62 million baht.

GWM Tank 300

GWM Tank 300
GWM Tank 300

After that in Tank 300 – Iron Cavalry 02,

This car will focus on decorating the image of the car that looks ready to go.  Make it more exciting. Starting with the new front bumper change. To look more compact than before to increase the ability to climb obstacles, install a winch from the famous brand WARN,

And change the new front grille. Outdoors but there is a net to prevent stones from kicking in inside. For better cooling, change the lid. It is also a cooling port.

Original wheel arch fenders But add a wider span Install a higher snorkel for wading Change a new set of wheels It’s classic but ready to go

in 17-inch sizes with M/T tires, and finally a change to a new Eibach suspension kit that allows the user to adjust various settings. Depending on the situation and usage needs

Exact production figures for the tank 300 – Cavalry 02 were not disclosed. But initially the first batch of more than 1,000 vehicles are ready for customers to buy at a price of 302,800 yuan ($4.9 million).

As for the technical data of the 300 tank, the two special editions, it can be said that almost nothing has changed from the original.  In addition to the part we ironed out even the engine this is still a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine,

and maximum power of 227hp and maximum torque of 387Nm, sending power to all four wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission with electric rear differential locking mechanism.

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